kroger feedback

The Kroger Co. or Kroger is a retailing company in America. It is named after the surname of its founder Bernard Kroger in the year 1883. Kroger is USA’s largest supermarket store chain in terms of its revenue which was $115.34 Bn in the fiscal year 2016. In terms of the general retailer, Kroger is the second largest, just behind Walmart. Kroger Co. is also the seventeenth largest company in the United States of America.

Some Details:

  • Type: Public
  • Traded as: NYSE: KR
  • ISIN: US5010441013

Kroger Feedback which is an online portal created by the company themselves as a customer survey. Using Kroger Feedback Portal, shoppers of Kroger stores can get free fuel points and gift cards in exchange for giving feedback about their services. Generally, customers do not fill feedbacks and surveys as it is deemed as a waste of time, but because Kroger is offering such a reward, more and more people are starting to complete feedbacks and surveys. Kroger feedbacks are analysed by the company’s staff which allows them to improve their services and quality.


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